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Convenient & Affordable Well Drilling, Repair, & Maintenance

Enjoy fresh drinking water on demand with the help of DK Drilling & Water Systems. We install, repair, and maintain a wide variety of systems designed to enhance the comfort and convenience of your home or business, including:

• Drilling / New Construction
• Wind Mills
• Storage Tank Systems
• Water Filtration Systems/ Filters

• Water Testing / Inspections
• Constant Water Pressure Systems
• Water Conditioning Systems
• Solar Power Systems


We drill for residential and commercial clients in the hill country or those who are otherwise unable to connect to city water. Well water has several advantages, the biggest of which is that you won't have to pay a monthly charge to the city or other community sources. 

With three generations of knowledge, learning how nature conforms around water sources under ground, is what we do best. Before we drill, we carefully review all drilling logs of the area to determine the depth.  We walk your property to find the best water veins, and get all necessary permits. We've never had a well go dry!

Drilling a Water Well

Well Maintenance

If your pump stops working or fluctuating pressure differences, call us in the Texas Hill Country, immediately. Our experts thoroughly troubleshoot the issue, inspecting every aspect of your well from the surface to the pump. We then take the time necessary to discuss our findings and suggested resolutions with you.

From bad starter capacitors to tanks that kick on and off too frequently, no issue is too big or too small. All service calls begin with an initial diagnosis of the phone. We'll walk you through possible solutions and provide you with an estimate on any necessary repairs.